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It’s been a busy few weeks for us here at Bee Bold, working with various secondary schools creating a number of differing type of Virtual Open Evening and promotional videos. 

From interviews and powerpoints, to more action oriented videos (like the one above), we can work with your school to provide an insight into how the school runs, its ethos and school life in these challenging times. A video is a perfect way to showcase your school to prospective parents, even outside of the present restrictions.

The great benefits of producing a school promotional video is the ease with which you can showcase your school to as many people as possible. Parents, teachers, pupils can all sing the schools praises while footage captured on a school day can show the school in action. Even without restrictions in place meaning no open evenings, a school promotional video would give added bonus to prospective parents who can’t make it to an open evening and also allow them to review a video after visiting to give them an even greater overview.

Have a chat with us about producing a school promotional video for you. Our unique pricing structure will fit most budgets and allows you flexibility over filming, including doing things like filming a few hours each term across a school year to really capture the atmosphere, to coming down to film for one day, to multiple days to film separate interviews and footage.

Drop us an email to start creating your school promotional video.