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why do i need a piece to camera video?

introducing yourself

A simple, straightforward and personable way to give your company a face that your customers can related to.

deliver a brand message

Support your marketing strategy by telling the story of your brand and encouraging people to buy.

recruitment drive

Get your employment message across quickly and easily in a format you and your employees can share via their social networks.


Keep viewers hooked and increase learner retention with a one to one personable training video.

tips & advice

Support your brand and provide helpful tips for a service, product or pinch point that your customers may find useful.

frequent questions

Provide answers to questions your get frequently asked about your business, brand, product or service.

how do i book & what happens next?

book your slot

Book your slot below using our online booking form. We have 12 one hour slots on each day from 8am to 8pm. Each slot is paid in advance and non-refundable.

choose your topic

We will send you a questionnaire to complete where we ask you to choose your video topic and 5 questions to ask on the day along with your answers you'll be giving.


Once you've chosen your topic, questions and what your answers will be, we advise to practice your answers so on the day itself you'll be confident and precise with your answers.


Props can be great to use in your video, especially if you're talking about a product. We do however advise against bringing pop up banners to stand next too.


All videos will be filmed in a business "office" like environment (similar to the video at the top of this page). If you'd like something different, chat to us about our video services.

what do i get?

You'll receive a piece to camera video edited with your branding and some music. You'll also receive each question you answered as separate videos great to post on social channels.

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